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Small Companies must comply with most employment regulations - just like large companies!  TAW has the expertise to meet all your needs.

Offering free initial consultations, reasonable hourly rates and credit card payment options.


  • Employee Record keeping
  • Hiring Practices
  • Reference Checking
  • I-9 Procedure
  • Drug Testing
  • Wage and Hour Guidelines
  • Maintaining Up-to-Date Regulation Information
  • Employee Handbook
  • Attendance Policy -- Time off, overtime and comp time issues
  • Technology Policy
  • Harassment/Discrimination Policy
  • Problem Solving Procedure
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Forms and Templates

  • Employee Relations Guidance

  • Employee Documentation and Discipline

  • Termination Counsel

  • Business Ethics Development

  • Corporate Values Development

  • You don't use an employment application and you find out that someone you hired lied about their background.  How should you deal with it?

  • A group of your employees spends too much time bickering and talking about one another.  How should you handle this?

  • A previous employee sent you a certified letter requesting a copy of his personnel file.  Should you send it to him?

  • You're trying to be fair with your employees, but the time off issues are getting out of hand.  How can you control them and still keep your relaxed culture?

  • An employee who has been out sick returns to work with restrictions from his physician.  Do you have to honor them?

  • You're getting ready to fire an employee with an attendance problem.  During the meeting they tell you that they are being treated for chronic depression.  Can you still fire her?

  • One of your best employees has a tardiness issue.  Should you deal with it even though you know the employee will be upset?


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